The Magic of Listening

Have you ever wondered why we need to be heard?

The best answer I have so far is that life is just too incredible. Think about it. Life can be annoying, boring, conflicting, dangerous, exhilarating, fun, glorious, hell, … You get the idea. If we actually dare to sit down and think about it, it can get confusing and overwhelming very quickly.

When we listen, we’re really celebrating life, and the experiences it gives us. We’re saying, “Yes! I want to hear the work you’ve done so far, not so that I can correct you or advise you, but because I want you to have a chance to talk it out.” We’re saying, “Yes, I want to hear your joy and suffering, not so I can change it, but so you can share it.” We’re saying, “Yes, I want to hear your story, because you’re not just a case to be processed. Your information is relevant, and your customer experience matters.”

We human beings have the unique ability to talk, to put our thoughts and feelings into words. A good listener is a compassionate and powerful ally in this process. We promote listening because it brings imagination, safety, and solidarity to this magical process.

Did I say magical? J.K. Rowling was right when she wrote, “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” She just forgot to mention that there is also magic when we listen to the words and stories of life.

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