We know how to get along on the roads. We can adapt safe driving ideas to inspire people to understand and respect others. Teach everyone to listen (yield), check biases (blind spots), and reject ideological rage (road rage).


Why do we need to teach people safe driving in the…

I have a thought experiment. What if we all had to wear a pin button on our shirts for a week. The pin buttons have the following messages on them:

“Police feel threatened by me.”
“People think I’m lazy.”
“People think I’m too emotional and indecisive.”
“People think I’ll always put my family…

How does one person have a positive effect on another? How can we better understand the ingredients and limitations of helping relationships?

Let me start with a quick story.

Meghan watches as her mother finish a telephone call.
“Mommy, why are you crying?” she asks gently.
“I’m okay,” mommy sighs, “I’m okay.”

Cooperation is the foundation of human civilization. Yet it can be fragile, easily undermined by distrust, bias, ignorance, and short-sightedness. How can we promote cooperation and synergy at home, at work, in society, and beyond?

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago I had to go downtown…

Virtual assistants don’t really listen

Do virtual assistants, like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, actually “listen”?

By some textbook definitions, they do. They have very good microphones that never get tired. They remember what we say. They “think about”, or at least process what we say. And they respond, sometimes with surprising usefulness. But despite…

Listening is important. We are constantly searching for better ways to offer practical tips, meaningful strategies, and passionate reasons to help people improve their listening. But what are some of the problems we encounter in this process? How can we best convey knowledge and excitement about listening?

Let me begin…

Marc Wong

Author of “Thank You for Listening”. Listening is the art and practice of putting someone else's speaking, thinking, and feelings needs ahead of your own.

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